Bergen Norway becomes part of the Endless Orchard!

Bergens Tidende -Bergen today:
‘Bergen Municipality and Kunsthall 3.14 have joined forces to become part of Fallen Fruit‘s project to create the world’s largest orchard.’  



SUPERSHOW at PDC Design Gallery in Los Angeles


an exhibition by Fallen Fruit (David Allen Burns and Austin Young)

October 3 – February 23

PDC Design Gallery’s inaugural exhibition, SUPERSHOW, features the work of Los Angeles-based artists Fallen Fruit (David Allen Burns and Austin Young) and opens Thursday, October 3 with a reception from 5:00 – 10:00 pm and includes “Fruit Cocktail,” a special performance by Fallen Fruit. The exhibition will be on view until February 23, 2020.

SUPERSHOW Explores Fallen Fruit’s contemporary art practice, reflecting upon a broader, controversial global environmental movement involving food production. As food is inextricably bound to identity, small-scale self sufficient organic farming is becoming a means for cultural rediscovery, invigorating the politics of both left and right and going far beyond community gardening.

Using the subject of fruit as a cultural object to investigate the design of public space and collective experience, Fallen Fruit taps into urban agriculture, a growing global force highlighted recently in London at the Victoria & Albert Museum’sFOOD: Bigger Than the Plate,” an exhibition featuring artwork by Fallen Fruit.


 SUPERSHOW activates never before shown artworks and builds upon the visual vocabulary and material palettes from David and Austin’ (Fallen Fruit) back catalogue of intensive research based installations from recent commissioned projects. The exhibition will consist of recontextualized materials, a new wallpaper pattern created for Los Angeles, one-of-a-kind refinished vintage furniture pieces, and found objects. Other works include, wall coverings, textiles, plates, and framed artworks.

The exhibition presents recent works from Fallen Fruit’s installations, including Teatro del Sole created for Manifesta 12 at Palazzo Butera,  Spectro Completo, for Orto Botanico, Palermo,  selections from EMPIRE created for Newcomb Art Museum, New Orleans, The Practices of Everyday Life commissioned by 21c Museum Hotel, Louisville, and All Tomorrow’s Parties commissioned by Beth De Woody, for The Bunker in West Palm Beach.  

Theater of the Sun by Fallen Fruit, at Palazzo, Butera commissioned by Manifesta 12

 Participatory projects will be programmed during the run of the exhibition and will be open to everyone of all ages. Public Participatory Projects include a Public Fruit Tree Adoption where residents of Los Angeles are invited to expand Fallen Fruit’s Endless Orchard [..2] ( project awarded by Creative Capital (event dates to be announced).

 Fallen Fruit has been recently featured in15 Los Angeles Artists to Watch, ARTnews (Cover); Artforum (Critic’s Pick);“Tasty and Subversive Too”, The New York Times;  Conde Nast Traveler “18 Best Shows in London;” “Food Matters,” TheNew York Times and LA Confidential (Cover and Feature), “How Fallen Fruit is Changing the Art World & Life in LA.” Their work has also been featured in such book publications as The Idea of the West by Doug Aitken, The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, Come Together: The Rise of Cooperative Art and Design by Francesco Spampinato (Princeton Architectural Press) as well as numerous broadcast radio, TV, video and blog venues.

 Fallen Fruit is an art collaboration originally conceived in 2004 by David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young. Since 2013, David Burns and Austin Young have continued the collaborative work.


David Burns received a BFA from CalArts and MFA from UC Irvine and he currently lives and works in Los Angeles. His video work has been shown in exhibitions including The Getty Center, Los Angeles, The Tate Modern/, London, The Armenian Museum of Experimental Art and Seoul Museum of Art, Korea.

 Burns’ art projects have appeared at The Athens Biennale, Greece, Ars Electronica, Austria, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, Netherlands Architecture Institute at Maastricht, The Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, The Armory Center for the Arts, Machine Project, and Artists Space in New York. Recent curatorial projects include: Artists + Institutions: Common Ground with Sarah Beadle, Schindler House, Los Angeles and Let Them Eat LACMA with Jose Luis Blondet and awards include: Creative Capital, New Media; Best Experimental, Berkeley Film Festival, and Sydney Underground Film Festival. Reviews and publications of Burn’s recent work include The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Art in America, Art Forum, Artillery, X-tra, Cabinet, Paper, Rhizome, The L.A. Weekly and The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest.


Austin Young is originally from Reno, Nevada and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. His study at Parsons in Paris, France laid the foundations of a career in image-making that has spanned traditional portrait painting and photography, culminating in his signature use of nuanced visual language and pop-culture iconography. His trademark style and techniques have captured a broad palette of musicians, artists and celebrities including Debbie Harry, Leigh Bowery and Margaret Cho, among others. Austin ( and austinyoungforever on instagram) often confuses personality and identity issues confrontationally and unapologetically in works that split gender roles, stereotypical constraints and socially-constructed identities.



Fallen Fruit Magazine V&A Edition

Download our new zine! right here:


Thanks everyone for participating and making this with us along with V&A Families team. We had so much fun with you! We will upload a link in the next few days – where the magazine can be purchased as a hard bound book.  Sign up for our email list below and we’ll update you when it’s available and check out our exclusive merch in the V&A Store.


Austin and David



Fallen Fruit Magazine:  V&A Edition brings together public participation, local histories and story-telling. Using strategies of collage this temporary team of culture advocates use fruit as a symbol, object and/or subject to create original editorial content to produce a site-specific limited edition contemporary culture magazine. Each edition is unique and is editorially focused to topics and subject matter that is historically meaningful to a neighborhood and/ or region. For the ‘Victoria and Albert Edition,’ we collaborated with the Families Programme at the V&A in South Kensington, London on The Imagination Station.

V&A Families programme:  The V&A Families programme nurtures imagination, creativity and intergenerational play, developing innovative partnerships with practitioners to deliver thought-provoking and multi-sensory activities that foster a life-long love of learning.  #vamfamilies

Austin Young and David Burns, Collectively know as Fallen Fruit are included in the exhibition:   FOOD BIGGER THAN THE PLATE 

#fallenfruit  / / / fallen_fruit 

FOOD BIGGER THAN THE PLATE  is curated by Catherine Flood and May Rosenthal Sloan  The exhibition invites visitors to participate, taste and debate, this bold exhibition explores current experiments at every stage of the food system – from compost to table.  #plateup


You can take part in Fallen Fruit’s collective mapping and planting experience, the Endless Orchard, which explores the meaning of community through creating and sharing fruit trees: “Plant a fruit tree near your home. Share your fruit!”.







Fallen Fruit at Kunsthall 3.14

Fallen Fruit at Kunsthall 3.14  

Bergen, Norway, opens June 21, 2019, 18:00




Darkness is a Temporary Condition

California-based artists group Fallen Fruit (David Allen Burns and Austin Young), make art which explores the role of fruit in creating shared culture both for the institutional art scene as well as for the public urban spaces. For Kunsthall 3.14 they will create two unique installation designs entitled The Day of Eternal Night and Midnight Sun, transforming the entire exhibition hall. 


Darkness is a Temporary Condition, text by FALLEN FRUIT , DAVID ALLEN BURNS & AUSTIN YOUNG

There are two times per when terrestrial understanding of time space is suspended temporarily. On Summer Solstice, above the parallel the sun will never touch the horizon.  On Winter Solstice, the inverse occurs, and the sun never rises above the horizon. It makes us think about the horizon, the world we know, and the conditions of life that exists between the earth and the sky.

Everything we have come to understand about the world is modulated by a rhythm of life, and organized by the rotation of the earth (with a slight wobble). The wobble is what makes a difference. It is the imperfection of the rotational axis that makes the world a kaleidoscope of color, shape, and form. This rotational pushing and pulling of light  provides the necessary conditions for everything we know.. As the seasons shift all forms of life life goes to sleep and wakes up again in variations of patterns… one universal condition is repetition, a pattern that happens in about twenty-four hours. Another pattern happens in three hundred and sixty five days. Occasionally, and predictably, both of these patterns collide twice every year — at the summer and winter solstices.

The beauty of the world in all capacities persists — even in darkness. In everything we can imagine, the world that gives us joy, pleasure, and meaning — it is darkness that is a necessary condition from which beauty becomes possible. Without darkness, life would not persist with variations of color, shape, and form.

The rhythm of the sun and the moon is hypnotic. The cycles of the day and the night is a  transnational ceremony — a never ending procession of waning and waxing. Ironically, in conventional thinking, we actually believe that time doesn’t shift and the meaning is terminal and a long-lasting determinate — as if ‘truth’ has a solid foundation. But, twice a year, on the solstices we can notice that in some parts of the world this illusion of understanding day and night is magically suspended for about 2.5 earth rotations. The horizon and the illusions of the suspension of time temporarily creates the greatest tromp l’oiel in the world — an on-going hallucination created by the earth and the sky.  

The exhibition space is 3.14… begins with the number PI. This was not realized at first, perhaps overlooked, just like the horizon, the solstices, and the wobble of the earth. It is named for alphaprime — The best number in the known world. The thing that is neither divisible nor terminate. This new project created for 3.14 and the port city of  Bergen, illustrates fruits from around the world in full spectral light and then into darkness and back again. A panoramic installation about cycles of balance in color shape and form.



Event Horizon by  Fallen Fruit is a visual explosion of capacity to connect and create shared culture through the role of fruit. The wallpaper pattern in-stallation is creating a viewing environment encouraging action on part of the audience, going out into the world and planting a fruit tree.  The artist explore this through their interactions with geography, history, culture, society, politics, and most importantly nature.


Fallen Fruit´s artistic investigation and responses to our local fruit growing traditions in the region and the history of import of fruit to our shores are interpreted in this exhibition. They create a site specific art installation , inviting us to experience Kunsthall 3.14 and its surroundings as fruitful places for a vital color and vitamin boost. A fresh breath!Fruit is a transcultural symbol of sharing. During Fallen Fruit´s presence in Bergen they will also leads us out into the city encouraging participation in the world´s largest Orchard. The artists´ project Endless Orchard is a living public artwork that anyone can eat from! Bergen Municipality will collaborate with the artists to realize this real living fruit orchard. Both the city´s gardeners and the public will plant, for the public and the bees – trees role in making our cities better places for people and nature to thrive.


Join us and interact! Anyone can plant, map, share, and navigate the fruit trees via the artists´  free online portal: or pick up the fruit map at 3.14 where it has been plotting the locations of fruit trees growing on, or overhanging, public space in Bergen.

The artists are relevant with their current exhibition at Albert & Victoria Museum and London as latest city added to the Endless Orchard.


Event Horizon © Fallen Fruit, 2019.

Kunsthall 3.14 ( formerly known as Stiftelsen 3,14) is a non-profit art institution centrally located in the heart of Bergen, almost exclusively working with international exhibitions and partnerships, with an emphasis on contemporary art beyond the western discourse.


Fallen Fruit Magazine at the V&A -Monday, 27 – Friday, 31 May 2019

Make a collaborative magazine with artists David Burns and Austin Young of Fallen Fruit using collage making and storytelling. Everyone is welcome. At the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England

The Imagination Station: May Half-Term 2019

Join us for free making and performance activities this half-term, inspired by the exhibition FOOD: Bigger than the Plate

  • Monday, 27 – Friday, 31 May 2019

  • The John Madejski Garden


Fallen Fruit at the V&A!

FOOD: Bigger than the Plate

Curated by Catherine Flood  and May Rosenthal

Opening on Saturday, 18 May 2019 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

get tickets HERE 

join us for our Fallen Fruit Magazine, V&A edition HERE

Inviting visitors to participate, taste and debate, this bold exhibition explores current experiments at every stage of the food system – from compost to table 

From gastronomic experiments to urban farming, this exhibition brings together the politics and pleasure of food to ask how the collective choices we make can lead to a more sustainable, just and delicious food future.

This exhibition explores how innovative individuals, communities and organisations are radically re-inventing how we grow, distribute and experience food. Taking visitors on a sensory journey through the food cycle, from compost to table, it poses questions about how the collective choices we make can lead to a more sustainable, just and delicious food future in unexpected and playful ways.

The Exhibition will  feature a major new commission by artists Fallen Fruit who will create a bespoke 12-metre squared wallpaper for the museum and maps of available fruit in the city.  This will draw on the V&A’s collections and the horticultural history of the site – which was once an important nursery for fruit trees – to explore the past and contemporary role of fruit in creating shared culture. –more HERE.


Make a collaborative magazine with art collective Fallen Fruit using collage making and storytelling. Everyone is welcome. HERE


27 Portraits – Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?


Please join us for an exhibition of 27 portraits
at the Little Gallery of San Bernardino,
Opening Reception
April 20th, 2019

27 Portraits
In exchange for drawing a self-portrait onto a hand-picked piece of fruit (oranges and lemons), each participant received a glass of organic juice. Collectively the citrusy self-portraits created a group portrait of everyone participated Hand-drawn expressions illustrate joy and innocence as well as wisdom and age. Portraits of participants along with their self-portraits are part of the recorded stories about the neighborhood and families of San Bernardino on the theme of … “Orange you glad…” Black markers and fruit become the drawing materials, and participants draw a picture of themselves without using a mirror in exchange for a glass of fresh juice. People can use the portraits on social media accounts as icons and avatars with hashtags. #orangeyougladtoseeme #FallenFruitSanBernardino

Fallen Fruit’s project for San Bernardino evolved by working together with community members in the creation of a living artwork – an extension of an ongoing Fallen Fruit project called the “Endless Orchard.” The Endless Orchard builds community through expanding public access to fresh fruit. Fallen Fruit San Bernardino’s main site was The Garcia Center for the Arts in the City of San Bernardino, with other programming and plantings taking place at The Feldheym Library, with additional sites in Victorville, Lake Arrowhead, and Crestline. The project included plantings of a variety of citrus trees at the Garcia Center, fruit tree adoptions, poetry and collage that we turned into a zine (examples seen here at the show), hand-crafted wooden picnic tables etched with community quotes, and other public participatory projects. Other local artists, including Printmaker Bob Hurton (aka Uncle Bacon) and Inlandia’s Poet Laureate, Nikia Chaney, worked with Fallen Fruit and community participants on the creation of the Zine. We would like to thank The City of Victorville, the staff at the Family Assistance Program in Old Town Victorville, and the students at the Rim of the Word High School in Lake Arrowhead for all of their support and dedication to making this project a reality. There are now two permanent public fruit tree site in Victorville, one in Lake Arrowhead, and another at the Garcia Center for the Arts! Our project site in Crestline is still underway.

DOWNLOAD Fallen Fruit Magazine, San Bernardino Edition, HERE


Special thanks to:
The Little Gallery of San Bernardino
City of Victorville
Socal Gas
Lake Arrowhead – Rim of the World High School
Family Assistance Program – Old Town Victorville
ROOT – Revive Our Old Town – Victorville
Garcia Center for the Arts
City of San Bernardino Art and Historic Preservation Commission
San Bernardino Art Association
California Arts Council
Arts Connection
Fallen Fruit


Fallen Fruit of Tulum


by Fallen Fruit, David Allen Burns and Austin Young


Fallen Fruit was in residency at AKI AORA in Tulum, Mexico February 18th through March 10, 2019

For  AKI AORA  2019, Fallen Fruit continued their exploration for the meaning of place and  community with support from Azulik Uh May, Fallen Fruit extended their ‘Endless Orchard’ or ‘Huerto Sin Fin;’ fruit trees that are planted in the public right of way, to be shared by everyone and connecting neighborhoods across communities. The artists did their research focusing on and the area called Tulum town and the village of Francisco Uh May. They met with local residents, business owners, and community leaders to learn about local histories and cultural rituals.  The artists went door to door inviting neighbors to participate in the project by adopting and caring for fruit trees to share with their community. Over thirty five fruit trees were planted in public spaces and adopted by local residents in a constellation linking Tulum town with Francisco Uh May. The Mayan language, which is under threat of extinction, was a vital component in the accessibility of the project, with a strong Mayan community still present in the region. A hand crafted wood sign placed at each fruit tree explains how to share the tree’s resources and care for it – both in Spanish and Mayan.

video still – Huerto Sin Fin, by David Burns and Austin Young, Fallen Fruit

The artist’s created a hand drawn map of all existing fruit trees in the area including the newly planted fruit trees to activate this shared resource for the community. The artists appropriated a long standing strategy of local business in the area and hired a local work truck to drive around the area with a recorded message publicizing the project from a megaphone on top of the car. This driving procession as public intervention invited local community members and business owners of Tulum town and Francisco Uh May to share their fruits. The message was recorded in Spanish and Mayan. Everyone was encouraged to plant the trees and participants signed adoption forms agreeing to help care for the trees and share the fruit when ripe. The artists conducted a workshop with a local after school program called La Esquina Foundation. The youth created plastic spirit bug catchers from recycled plastic bottles to protect the trees and prevent potential diseases for the new fruit trees, teaching the children about recycling and safeguarding the fruitful trees.

As part of the fruit planting and research process, David and Austin with a support team from AKI AORA and IK LAB  created a new film work, ‘HUERTO SIN FIN’ which tells the story of this collaboration and focuses on the alarmingly present advent of cultural tourism in the area threatening this natural paradise, the currency used to attract tourists in the first place.


Handmade signs written in Spanish and Maya for as instructions for when to harvest and how to care for each tree:

The Endless Orchard

A public participatory project for everyone to share.

This fruit tree is a part of the Endless Orchard.

The fruit is for everyone, including you.

When ripe, please taste the fruit and share it with others.

Take only what you need.

Say “hi” to strangers.

Take a friend.

Go by foot.

This is a orange tree.

Oranges are ripe in May.

Created by the artists of Fallen Fruit

With AKI AORA and Azulik.



FRUTA PARA TODOS is a call to action and a poem. This message was  recorded for the fruit truck recorded in both Mayan and Spanish.


Naranjas! Limones! Mandarinas! Papayas!
Guanabanas! MANGOS! Aguacates! SAPOTES


Our Fruit Tree Planting project, HUERTO SIN FIN  in Uh May and Tulum is in collaboration with AKI AORA and sponsored by IK LAB / Uh May



Programa público – 1-10 de marzo 2019, Tulum.

Queridos amigos, nos complace anunciarles e invitarlos a la tercera edición de AKI AORA!

Dear friends, we´re excited to announce and invite you to the third edition of AKI AORA!








Fallen Fruit Magazine: San Bernardino Edition

Fallen Fruit Magazine by Fallen Fruit

DOWNLOAD Fallen Fruit Magazine, San Bernardino Edition, HERE

The zine workshops will result in the creation of a Fallen Fruit San Bernardino Magazine, celebrating our countywide community! Printmaker David Burns and Austin Young of Fallen Fruit along with guest artist Uncle Bacon (a.k.a. Bob Hurton) and Inlandia Poet Laureate, Nikia Chaney help guide participants through collage, illustrations and short written text. The final document is an electronic PDF available free for download.

See more about San Bernardino projects HERE

The Endless Orchard events included a public fruit tree adoption at the Feldheym Library, and a “plant the perimeter” event at the Garcia Center for the Arts. What if instead of going to the grocery store for an apple, you just walked outside your door? Fallen Fruit helps the community to create a real living fruit orchard planted by the public, for the public – a movement of citizens transforming their own neighborhoods. Neighbors adopt fruit trees and plant them next to the sidewalk to share with the community.  Participants sign an adoption form, agreeing to care for and share the fruit tree. Trees are mapped on the San Bernardino Endless Orchard Map- where anyone can map, plant and share fruit. The anchor of this map will be 12 trees planted on the grounds of the Garcia Center for the Arts.


Fallen Fruit at Jackson Fine Art

Jackson Fine Art

We are happy to announce we are offering selected Fallen Fruit artworks at Jackson Fine Art!

plus – Look for our upcoming exhibition in April, 2019

Jackson Fine Art
3115 East Shadowlawn Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30305

Tel 404.233.3739
Fax 404.233.1205


Fallen Fruit – yay 2018!

We hope you have a beautiful and fruitful 2019! 

 A big thank you to all friends, collaborators, supporters, and collectors. And a special thank you to all our partners. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you. Help us continue grow this important work and transform community.
Let’s make fruit trees publicly accessible everywhere – our cities could be like communal gardens. Share your fruit!  

With Love,
David and Austin
“Fallen Fruit Cocktail’ on the cover of ART NEWS magazine, Winter 2019

We exceeded prior attendance records at Newcomb Art Museum and our installation ‘Theater of the Sun’ was the most instagramed site in Palermo! We were in the NY Times twice! Here are some highlights of 2018:

Fallen Fruit of New Orleans- Endless Orchard! 300 fruit trees in New Orleans! 

EMPIRE our exhibition at Newcomb Art Museum, New Orleans




THEATER OF THE SUN Manifesta 12, Palermo


FRUIT COCKTAIL Fallen Fruit at Manifesta 12, Palermo

CONSUMED by Ligaya Mishan in the NY Times Magazine

TODO INCLUIDO: Estás Como Mango Remixed,  OPC, Puerto Vallarta

FALLEN FRUIT interview by Cameron Shaw


”Orange you glad i didn’t say banana?” participatory art at San Bernardino Art Museum


RIM OF THE WORLD FRUIT PARK, San Bernardino County



FALLEN FRUIT MAGAZINE! San Bernardino Edition!

PUBLIC ART NETWORK AWARD  Stoneview Nature Center

THE ENDLESS ORCHARD at Manual Arts High School

Fallen Fruit’s first ever MASTER CLASS at Stoneview Nature Center

PANORÁMICA, Ex Convento del Carmen, Guadalajara, Mexico


Fallen Fruit in LALA Magazine

Monument to Sharing by Fallen Fruit (David Allen Burns and Austin Young) 2016

ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES  The Bunker, West Palm Beach 
THE MONUMENT TO SHARING at Los Angeles State Historic Park

A special thank you to Manifesta, Newcomb Art Museum, Pelican Bomb, A Studio In the Woods, San Bernardino Arts Council, Garcia Center for the Arts, OPC, New Orleans Department of Parks, CSED, Palazzo Butera, 21c Museum Hotel, Beth Rudin DeWoody and The Bunker, Joanna Glovinsky, and everyone who joined us on our journey this year!

Fulcrum Arts is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations to Fallen Fruit are tax deductible to the full extent of the law under Federal ID 95-2540759.


Fallen Fruit on the cover of ART NEWS

Fallen Fruit artwork on the cover of the new ARTnews Magazine!

COVER Performance view of Fallen Fruit’s ‘Fruit Cocktail,’ 2017, with Rianna Petrone in front of the duo’s art (Austin Young and David Allen Burns)  art installation, ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties,’ at The Bunker, curated by Laura Dvorkin Maynard Monrow and Phillip Estlund West Palm Beach, Florida. commissioned by Beth Rudin DeWoody photo courtesy of Fallen Fruit.

Thank you Art News, The Bunker, and thank you to everyone who participated in the performance of “Fruit Cocktail” Kataleya Davenport Dupree Ariel Rimm-Chanel and Rianna Petrone Our art installation ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ is on view at The Bunker. And Rianna’s genius strawberry Gibson hairdo!



In 2018, with your help, we planted more than 400 fruit trees for sharing including 6 public fruit parks and and we have more planned for 2019. Join us! Sponsor a fruit tree for a $90 donation and help grow the ENDLESS  ORCHARD. For $300 you can dedicate a tree to loved one with a brass tag and $1000 will sponsor a public picnic table. All fruit is shared and accessible to the public. 

The ENDLESS ORCHARD builds community through expanding public access to fresh fruit.  

Fulcrum Arts is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations to Fallen Fruit are tax deductible to the full extent of the law under Federal ID 95-2540759.

other ways to support?? SHOP OUR ONLINE STORE!  


HOME – EX Convento Del Carmen Museum

We am very excited to announce the OPC organized exhibition “PANORÁMICA: Paisaje artístico de Puerto Vallarta,” opening at the Ex Convento del Carmen museum in Guadalajara on Friday, November 30th. Please join us.


Participating artists: Raymundo Andrade, Álvaro Arguelles, Rodrigo Ballester, Alfonso Bañoso, Marcela Bernal, Davis Birks, Evelyn Borren, Brewster Brockmann, Pipo Brockmann Daniel Calvillo, Colectivo Por Un Mejor Vallarta, Ada Colorina, Tony Cortes, Arturo Dávila, Carmina Diaz, Rogelio Diaz, Luis Espiridion, Fallen Fruit (Austin Young and David Allen Burns), Yesika Félix, Luis Galeano, Alejandra Ferrise Grant, César Girón, Raúl Henderson, Cecilia Hurtado, Josef Kandoll Wepplo, Daniel Lechón, Manuel Lepe, Yair López, Gerardo Moran Guillén, Oscar Moran Guillen, Kaz Kipp, Tania Mancha, Arturo Montero, Jorge Morales, Javiera Pintocanales, Jorge Ramírez R., Mauricio Rocha y Gabriela Carrillo, Javier Rodríguez, Eduardo Solórzano, Ed Starr, Ireri Topete
Event here:



Join us! December 8 at Newcomb Art Museum!


EMPIRE critically examines the principles of archives and anthropology to interrogate the ways histories are told, remembered, and revised. The immersive artwork considers the historical and contemporary effects that colonialism, slavery, trade, and tourism have had on the movement of culture across and beyond borders to better understand the geographic and cultural position of New Orleans in relationship to Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America. EMPIRE invites viewers to creatively interpret the displayed objects, their connections, and their juxtapositions to generate new meanings.

EMPIRE at Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane University is part of “Fallen Fruit of New Orleans” a suite of site-specific projects taking place throughout New Orleans from June 2017 through June 2018, commissioned and presented by Newcomb Art Museum, A Studio in the Woods, and Pelican Bomb. “Fallen Fruit of New Orleans” was initiated by Pelican Bomb in 2015.



All Inclusive – Upcoming exhibit at OPC, Puerto Vallarta

here is the link to the Fb event:
(english below)
¡Todos están invitados a participar! La exhibición “Todo Incluido” celebra a quienes conocen mejor la ciudad: los creadores de arte que viven en ella.
Respondiendo al interés de la comunidad, OPC se complace en presentar una nueva exposición anual que se centra únicamente en el nuevo trabajo de artistas locales. Queremos incluir a todos aquellos que participan en una práctica creativa en Vallarta. Cada año, OPC invitará a un curador o artista diferente para que se desempeñe como coordinador del proyecto, y nos sentimos honrados de que David Allen Burns y Austin Young, del colectivo Fallen Fruit, serán los curadores de este año.
“Nos interesa la idea del público, la ciudadanía, la comunidad y cómo las personas comunes son poetas, escritores, artistas y documentalistas, tanto como extraños, vecinos y amigos”, dicen los artistas de Fallen Fruit.
La exhibición se enfocará en arte relacionado con Puerto Vallarta: su historia, problemas y soluciones a problemas urbanos; sin embargo, cada pieza será recibida y exhibida, sin importar el tema y el discurso, siempre y cuando cumpla con las siguientes especificaciones:
a) El tema y la técnica de cada obra es completamente abierta.
b) Ser una obra de arte bidimensional.
c) El formato debe ser de tabloide horizontal (30,5 cm de alto x 45,7 cm de ancho)
d) Se deben incluir los detalles técnicos: Nombre del artista, título, fecha y medio
Participe entregando su trabajo a OPC antes del 15 de septiembre de 11:00 a 14:00 h.
OPC está ubicado en Juárez 598 en la esquina de Aldama en la colonia Centro.
**Consulta las bases y participa:
Everyone is invited to participate! The “All Inclusive” show celebrates those who know the city best—the art makers who live there.
Responding to community interest, OPC is excited to launch a new annual exhibition that solely focuses on new work by local artists. We want everyone that participates in a creative practice in Vallarta to be included in the exhibition. Each year OPC will invite a different curator or artist to serve as the project coordinator and we are honored that David Allen Burns and Austin Young of Fallen Fruit will serve as this year’s curators.
“We are interested in the idea of the public, citizenship, community, and how everyday people are poets and scribes and artists and documentarians as much as they are strangers, neighbors, and friends,” say the artists of Fallen Fruit.
The exhibition will focus on art related to Puerto Vallarta: it’s history, urban issues problems and solutions; nevertheless, every piece will be received and exhibited, no matter the theme and discourse, as long as it fits the following characteristics:
a) The theme and technique of every work is entirely open.
b) Be a two-dimensional artwork.
c) Format should be horizontal tabloid size (30.5 cm high x 45.7 cm width)
d) Technical details must be included: Artist name, title, date, and medium
Participate by delivering your work to OPC by September 15th from 11am to 2pm.
OPC is located at Juarez 598 at the corner of Aldama in Centro.
**Read the guidelines and participate:

Stoneview receives Public Art Network Award!

Stoneview Nature Center: Civic Art Project Recognized at American for the Arts one of the 49 outstanding public art projects 2017!  -Civic Art by Fallen Fruit, David Burns and Austin Young.


On Friday, June 15, Americans for the Arts honored 49 outstanding public arts projects created in 2017, including the civic artwork at the Stoneview Nature Center. The projects were chosen through the Public Art Network Year in Review program, the only national program that specifically recognizes the most compelling public art. Selected by public art experts, the roster of projects was unveiled at Americans for the Arts’ (AFTA) Annual Convention in Denver.

Information can be found HERE at Los Angele County Arts Commision.

Details can be found HERE at Americans For The Arts.

Initiated as a Design-Build competition by the County of LA, the Stoneview Nature Center project invited pre-qualified teams to transform a five-acre brownfield site into a highly sustainable nature center in the Blair Hills neighborhood of Culver City, CA. As an important node along the five mile “Park to Playa Trail”, the 4,000 square foot facility and surrounding gardens were envisioned as a place for community to come together and engage both socially and architecturally.

Congratulations to the entire team!
Architects Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects
and Design-Build partner Ledcor
Landscape architect AHBE
Civic artists Fallen Fruit
Graphics by Omnivore

“The 5-acre Stoneview Nature Center two miles west of Stocker — and itself a stop on the Park-To-Playa Trail — sees Fallen Fruit’s integral design elements in a more conceptual but still absolutely edible landscape integrated into the new construction’s progressive municipal design/build award. Co-proposed with Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects, AHBE Landscape Design, and graphics by Omnivore, the site is a sustainable, multi-use vision for a community center featuring outdoor kitchen and gathering areas, art installations based on the neighborhood’s history, and at its heart, Fallen Fruit’s organic rainbow of living colors, rich symbolism, and narrative in the form of free harvests of pomegranates, lemons, oranges, avocados, grapes, berries and figs. “ – Shana Nys Dambrot, Huffington Post.






Lower 9 Fruit Park Opening Celebration

Come celebrate our LOWER 9 FRUIT PARK in New Orleans
June 30, 9–11!  
As part of “Fallen Fruit of New Orleans,” we facilitated the planting of 300 fruit trees across New Orleans, including fruit tree parks in the Lower 9th Ward and Gentilly. On June 30, 9–11 am, we welcome you to celebrate the project with the artists, David Burns and Austin Young. Reverend Charles Duplessis of Mount Nebo Bible Baptist Church gives a blessing, and following the ceremony, guests can tie-dye and take home bandanas featuring maps of New Orleans’ new public fruit trees.
Meet us at Fallen Fruit’s fruit tree park in the Lower 9th Ward near the intersection of Florida and Caffin Avenues in New Orleans.
This event is free and open to the public. RSVP and share with your friends on Facebook.

Fallen Fruit Public Projects- Manifesta 12

Join us! FALLEN FRUIT PUBLIC PROJECTS At Manifesta 12 in Palermo Sicily!

D­avid Allen Burns and Austin Young with Manifesta 12,  Orto Botanico and VKUSNAYA



In exchange for drawing a self-portrait on a citrus fruit, get a glass of juice made from selected oranges, lemons, and mandarins from Palermo at Education Hub.

>SATURDAY 16th, 11.00-13.00 Piazza Magione at the Education Hub.

>SUNDAY 16th, 11.00-13.00 -Piazza Magione at the Education Hub.


Join us!  Try a Fruit Infused vodka with David and Young – sample a glass of artist made vodka infused with Prickly Pear or Hybrid Citrus. What does your city taste like? The selected fruit is a collaboration with ORTO BOTANICO and the vodka is provided by VKUSNAYA.

>FRIDAY 15th, 17.00-18.00 at Palazzo Butera

>SATURDAY 16th, 17.00-18.00 at Palazzo Butera

>SUNDAY 16th, 17.00-18.00 at Palazzo Butera



D­avid Allen Burns and Austin Young



In cambio del disegno di un autoritratto su un agrume, prendi un bicchiere di succo di arance selezionate, limoni e mandarini da Palermo a Education Hub.


>SATURDAY 16th, 11.00-13.00 Piazza Magione

>SUNDAY 16th, 11.00-13.00 -Piazza Magione


Prova una vodka alla frutta infusa con David e Young – assaggia un bicchiere di vodka fatta a mano con infuso di fico d’india o ibrido. Che sapore ha la tua città? Il frutto selezionato è una collaborazione con ORTO BOTANICO e la vodka è fornita da VKUSNAYA.

>FRIDAY 15th, 17.00-18.00 at Palazzo Butera

>SATURDAY 16th, 17.00-18.00 at Palazzo Butera

>SUNDAY 16th, 17.00-18.00 at Palazzo Butera






Fallen Fruit is part of Manifesta 12, the twelfth edition of the European nomadic biennial, taking place in Palermo from 16 June until 4 November.  The Fallen Fruit art installation will be at the magnificent Palazzo Butera of Palermo, located in the historical Kalsa district.

The Planetary Garden. Cultivating Coexistence is curated by By Manifesta 12 Creative Mediators: Bregtje van der Haak, Andrés Jaque, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Mirjam Varadinis. 

We mapped the fruit available for everyone to share in Palermo and maps are available at Butera or online at the

Teatro del Sole- by Fallen Fruit, David Allen Burns and Austin Young, 2018 installation

Manifesta 12 Palermo consists of more than 40 newly commissioned projects, public interventions, and performances held in various venues spread around Palermo’s neighbourhoods. Manifesta 12 Tickets allow visitors to discover ground-breaking projects inspired by the Manifesta 12 Palermo curatorial concept The Planetary Garden.Cultivating Co-existence, many of which are visible in public spaces and no ticket is needed.




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