We collaborated with Feudi di San Gregario on a limited edition DUBL bottle and box. All proceeds support Fondazione di San Gennaro!   Find the limited edition bottle here: https://wineclub.tenutecapaldo.it/

Artwork  detail of ‘A portrait of Dionysus’ by Fallen Fruit, 2023

The Fondazione di Comunità San Gennaro– of which Feudi has been a founding partner since 2014 –is committed to surmounting problems linked to youth in disadvantaged urban areas through the enhancement of the historical-artistic heritage and human capital of one of Naples’ districts, Rione Sanità.  As part of this commitment, since 2014 Feudi has involved well-known contemporary artists in the creation of site-specific works, reproduced on limited-edition labels, all the proceeds of which go towards funding the Foundation’s projects.