“The American artists forms one of the most celebrated collaborations in the international art scene.” ARTRIBUNE

2024: Muriel Pollia Foundation Grant
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2022: Chiostro del Bramante, DART
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2018 Manifesta 12 Biennale – Palermo
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2017 Curry Stone Design Prize
2016 Good Works Foundation
2015 Creative Heights
2014 Art Matters
2013 Creative Capital Grantee, Emerging Fields
2013 Emerging Fields, Muriel Pollia Foundation Awardee

“Challenging what it means to play with the most essential material” NY TIMES

– Cinqué Hicks, Artforum

“Changing the art world and life in LA” – LA Confidential

“A fresh approach to produce’ Christopher Night, LA Times

Fallen Fruit has gained the attention of the art world and local community alike with a fusion of populism, relational esthetics and adolescent antics.Annie Buckley, Art In America

“Fallen Fruit Creates Opulent Art” – Courrier Journal


ARTRIBUNE: 2024 Austin Young/ Fallen Fruit a Venezia per la Biennale
AD ITALIA: 2024 Cosa vedere a Venezia durante la Biennale d’Arte 2024
STIRWORLD: 2023 LA-based collective Fallen Fruit envisions cities as communal gardens
ARTRIBUNE: 2022 Accademia Carrara riapre con un grande wallpaper dei californiani Fallen Fruit
ISSUES IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Cover and story: The Subversive Beauty of Fallen Fruit
ARTRIBUNE: 2021 La nuova installazione dei Fallen Fruit per i Vallarta Botanical Gardens in Messico
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ARTRIBUNE: 2019 La nuova installazione dei Fallen Fruit per l’Orto Botanico di Palermo
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Elle Decor Italia: Austin Young and David Burns at Accademia Carrara, Bergamo.
ph Lea Anouchinsky, production and courtesy of Paola Carimati – Elle Decor Italia 02/23
Spring 2022, “The Subversive Beauty of Fallen Fruit” “The artists are unabashed maximalists who love color and invoking the senses, but once they seduce with beauty, they invite viewers down paths that consider issues of colonialism and the natural world, class, race, gender, and religion.” – SHIRLEY ALEXANDRA WATTS
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