LA-based collective Fallen Fruit envisions cities as communal gardens- by Daria Kravchuk,  Stir World

“I think that with a great work of art, one of the things that is required for that artwork to have is the amount of power to create the space and accommodate not just one person or one way of thinking like the academic frame of art.” – David Burns

“I think an important part of what makes the work that we do resonate with people is that we are doing very tangible things, whether it is working with fruit trees, public space and parks. But then we also work on more formal gallery and museum projects that are extremely visual and intellectual. I think it’s a combination of these qualities that allows for success to take place. We enjoy play and participation. So when we make a work of art, we are not just making something to be put inside a picture frame and then put on the wall and allow it to be described by a text. That’s fine, but that’s not actually where our heart is.”