The latest version of Endless Orchard  is being installed at Redlands University at the student run SURF program. The SURF program is the campus farm that is completely directed by student interest and at the property they grow organic food, fruits and vegetables.  The fruit trees we planted are in an area that is accessible to the public. 

With support from the Muriel Pollia Foundation, Fallen Fruit is able to install a public orchard and edible pollinator garden at the Redlands University farm property. Part of the campus at the University and also integrated into a working class neighborhood, this public orchard and edible garden is available year-round for harvesting organic herbs, edible flowers, California natives, and fruit!  Everyone is able to harvest at any time! It is in the public right of way and University of Redlands is excited and 100% supportive of this collaborative project.

We have completed phase two of the project installing 13 fruit trees at the site this past May, 2023. We have planted apricots, plums, blackberries, apples, pomegranate, persimmon, peaches, cherries, and more. In Fall of 2023 we will add in an edible perennial California natives garden that will focus on indigenous culture and the history of California.

The project is also a companion to coursework for the University and was installed with students. It is part of the undergraduate series about California history and indigenous cultures.  

We are so proud and excited to be a partner with University of Redlands and the student run farm for the campus.