Conversazioni Sacre / Sacred Conversations, Accademia Carrara, Bergamo 2023

Sacred Conversations, 2023, David Allen Burns and Austin Young / Fallen Fruit

Sacred Conversations happen everyday. Between a mother and child, a grown man and his father, a friend consoling another friend, a teacher and a student, and more. These small conversations shape our lives, inform how we love, expand our feelings, galvanize the world around us. It is these small moments of intimacy and trust that locks an experience into an understanding for a lifetime. They shape our character. They embolden our moral ethics. They enhance our ability for compassion towards others. It is said that the last one of these kinds of conversations you experienced is, in fact, the last sacred conversation you needed to have. In this way, it is a kind of blessing.

Created for Accademia Carrara, Sacred Conversations is an immersive artwork installation for the stairwell that connects the galleries of the historic museum. The artwork is sourced from hundreds of original photographs taken by the artists that include details from paintings, drawing, and etchings from the permanent collection. Along with documentation from the streets, parks, and piazzas of the city of Bergamo that include a variety of local fruits, flowers, birds, religious icons, and more. The title of the artwork ‘Sacred Conversations’ invokes a message about how the past relates to the present and often informs the future. And also, how sometimes in our lives, we travel from a place of darkness into light.

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Dart – Chiostro del Bramante presents CRAZY: Madness in Contemporary Art
02.19.2022 – 01-08-2023

Curated by Danilo Eccher

21 international artists, more than 11 new site-specific installations: for the first time the works of art will invade the interior and exterior spaces of the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome, because madness can have no limits.

A perception of the world is the first sign of instability, the first contact between external reality and the brain, between physical truth and poetic creativity, between laws of optics and neurological disorders.


LOS ANGELITOS DE MEXICO, Puerto Vallarta, 2021

A new, permanent immersive artwork in the chapel of the gardens by Fallen Fruit / David Allen Burns and Austin Young.  Opening celebration, November 2, 2021, at Vallarta Botanical Gardens

Los Angelitos de Nuestra Señora del Jardín, 2021
David Allen Burns and Austin Young / Fallen Fruit

Custom made wall covering, archival watercolor inks printed onto natural fabrics. Dimensions variable.

An immersive installation artwork created by the artists specifically for the chapel at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, outside of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This unique asynchronous wall coverings source’s materials from hundreds of original photographs taken by the artists in the gardens at different times of year — as well as historic watercolors and lithographs, by Mexican botanist Rafael Montes de Oca and English ornithologist John Gould, respectively. Orchids and hummingbirds dance around the interior spaces intermixed with seasonal favorites from the botanical collection. The extraordinary flora and fauna naturalized by this exotic setting is permanently embellished into the interior spaces of the chapel and contextualized by never ending organically merging colorfields. The natural world turned inside out.

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‘Like in Paradise’, David Burns and Austin Young / Fallen Fruit, 2021 

OPENS MAY 6, 2021

Fallen Fruit, along with more than 40 international artists have transformed HÖHENRAUSCH.

Fragrant love poems, a mirror garden with cherry trees, an artificial flock of birds as a tree of remembrance, a growing work of art made of artificial fertilizer and fans singing ecstatic songs by Madonna: more than 40 international artists transform the HÖHENRAUSCH into a worldly paradise, developing spaces for individual Dream and look behind the facades of purchasable illusions.

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Take a virtual tour of ‘Natural History’ by Fallen Fruit / David Burns and Austin Young. A new artwork commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne for the Triennial 2020. The wall text for the ‘Natural History’ triptych are below.

Natural History, 2020, Fallen Fruit / David Allen Burns and Austin Young


PLAN(e)T, Tel Aviv, 2020

PROMISED LAND– Fallen Fruit art installation in Tel Aviv!

The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery
and Michel Kikoïne Foundation at Tel Aviv University, Israel
Fallen Fruit – David Allen Burns and Austin Young // Dr. Dafna Langgut // Dr. Yasmine Meroz // Liat Segal // Noam Rabinovich // Stéphane Thidet // Relli de Vries // Onya Collective- Heela Harel and Gil Harabaqiu

Chief Curators: Dr. Tamar Mayer and Dr. Sefy Hendler
Assistant Curator: Yifat Pearl

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Fallen fruit SUPERSHOW!

an exhibition by Fallen Fruit (David Allen Burns and Austin Young)

October 3 – February 23

PDC Design Gallery’s inaugural exhibition, SUPERSHOW, features the work of Los Angeles-based artists Fallen Fruit (David Allen Burns and Austin Young) and opens Thursday, October 3 with a reception from 5:00 – 10:00 pm and includes “Fruit Cocktail,” a special performance by Fallen Fruit. The exhibition will be on view until February 23, 2020.

SUPERSHOW Explores Fallen Fruit’s contemporary art practice, reflecting upon a broader, controversial global environmental movement involving food production. As food is inextricably bound to identity, small-scale self sufficient organic farming is becoming a means for cultural rediscovery, invigorating the politics of both left and right and going far beyond community gardening.

Using the subject of fruit as a cultural object to investigate the design of public space and collective experience, Fallen Fruit taps into urban agriculture, a growing global force highlighted recently in London at the Victoria & Albert Museum’s“FOOD: Bigger Than the Plate,” an exhibition featuring artwork by Fallen Fruit.

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EVENT HORIZON: Darkness is a Temporary Condition

EVENT HORIZON: Darkness is a Temporary Condition
Kunsthall 3.14 , Bergen, Norway, opens June 21, 2019, 18:00

California-based artists group Fallen Fruit (David Allen Burns and Austin Young), make art which explores the role of fruit in creating shared culture both for the institutional art scene as well as for the public urban spaces. For Kunsthall 3.14 they will create two unique installation designs entitled The Day of Eternal Night and Midnight Sun, transforming the entire exhibition hall. 

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Fallen Fruit at the V&A!

Fruits from the Garden and the Field (Rainbow). © Fallen Fruit, 2019.

FOOD: Bigger than the Plate

Curated by Catherine Flood  and May Rosenthal
Opening on Saturday, 18 May 2019 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

Inviting visitors to participate, taste and debate, this bold exhibition explores current experiments at every stage of the food system – from compost to table. From gastronomic experiments to urban farming, this exhibition brings together the politics and pleasure of food to ask how the collective choices we make can lead to a more sustainable, just and delicious food future.

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Fallen FruitTheatre of the Sun (2018), mixed media installation
Section: Garden of Flows

Fallen Fruit is part of Manifesta 12, the twelfth edition of the European nomadic biennial, taking place in Palermo from 16 June until 4 November.  The Fallen Fruit art installation (Teatro del Sole- by Fallen Fruit, David Allen Burns and Austin Young, 2018 installation) will be at the magnificent Palazzo Butera of Palermo, located in the historical Kalsa district.

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