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Love is Blind in Natural History

“Love is Blind in Natural History” by Fallen Fruit, Austin Young and David Burns, 2022, is a collage using an image of a statue “Love is Blind” (Amore Accieca) (c. 1875). Donato Barcaglia, in situ with “Sketchbooks and Drawings,” an asynchronous repeat pattern created with historic drawing from the permanent collection of the NGV made by the early explorers and first settlers of Australia. The original artwork installation “Natural History” was commissioned by NGV Triennial, National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, 2020. Using the medium of wallpaper, Fallen Fruit creates unique designs inspired by seemingly local flora and fauna. “Natural History” 2020, takes its subject matter from Australia and critically combines introduced species of birds and plants with indigenous ones. This is a detail of an immersive artwork created for the European Galleries at the NGV. **The genesis sale of this NFT It one fruit tree planted in a public space for sharing and mapped on in honour of the new owner.

Sound by Andrew Stanley (of Yolanda Be Cool).