Dart – Chiostro del Bramante

CRAZY: Madness in Contemporary Art

19.02.2022 – 08.01.2023

Love Trap – Trappalo d’Amore, Fallen Fruit, 2022

21 international artists, more than 11 new site-specific installations: for the first time the works of art will invade the interior and exterior spaces of the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome, because madness can have no limits.

A perception of the world is the first sign of instability, the first contact between external reality and the brain, between physical truth and poetic creativity, between laws of optics and neurological disorders.

The 21 artists called to participate are part of this madness.

Carlos Amorales, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir / Shoplifter, Massimo Bartolini, Gianni Colombo, Petah Coyne, Ian Davenport, Janet Echelman, Fallen Fruit / David Allen Burns and Austin Young, Lucio Fontana, Anne Hardy, Thomas Hirschhorn, Alfredo Jaar, Alfredo Pirri, Gianni Politi, Tobias Rehberger, Anri Sala, Yinka Shonibare, Sissi, Max Streicher, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu.

Madness, like art, refuses established patterns, escapes from any rigid framework, rebels against constraints, so also does Crazy, the project from Dart – Chiostro del Bramante, curated by Danilo Eccher. No ordinary and predictable path in favor of a creative explosion capable of expanding, like Ian Davenport’s pigment flowing on the stairs, and of modifying the spatial perception, like Gianni Colombo’s environment (1970). A violent shockwave that invades every accessible room, mixing and ensuring strong expressive leaps between the works, from the neon of Alfredo Jaar, also visible from the outside, to the totally immersive colors of Fallen Fruit / David Allen Burns and Austin Young. A complex, subjective, oblique narration; an inclusive and participatory atmosphere; a distribution of artworks and isolated and autonomous spaces in all available places, even invading those usually excluded from the museum pathway.

Dart – Chiostro del Bramante

Inside the Renaissance architecture designed by Donato Bramante in 1500: great exhibitions, Italian and international artists, creative projects, as well as a bookstore, a cafeteria, a series of cozy spaces, an extraordinary place in the center of Rome a few steps from Piazza Navona.

Thanks to the female leadership and the passionate and competent management of president Patrizia de Marco and her daughters Laura, Giulia and Natalia de Marco, Dart – Chiostro del Bramante has established itself over the years as a reference point for all those who want to discover modern and contemporary art, with exhibitions of high artistic and cultural value, educational tours for all age groups, workshops and guided tours for all audiences.

Dart – Chiostro del Bramante: the culture of culture.

The exhibition will be accessible in compliance with and according to the regulations for the containment of Covid-19.


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