The Endless Orchard

What if instead of going to the grocery store for an apple, you just walked outside your door?

The ENDLESS ORCHARD is a way that anyone anywhere can PLANT, MAP, AND SHARE FRUIT! Join us!

>The Endless Orchard is a real living fruit orchard planted by the public, for the public - a movement of citizens transforming their own neighborhoods. Fruit is a transcultural symbol of sharing and The Endless Orchard is a living public artwork that anyone can eat from!  Citizens plant fruit trees in front of their homes, community centers, schools, businesses, on the margins of public and private space and interstitial municipal spaces like parkways , bike paths and alleys.  Signs placed at each tree identify it as part of a network of sharing.

Anyone can 
plant, map, share, and navigate the fruit trees via a free online portal.  Share your backyard fruit, map existing fruit trees in public spaces or plant new trees and ad them to


The Endless Orchard is a collaboration with anyone who wants to join us!  - a movement of citizens transforming their own neighborhoods.

The project relies on those who know a city best – the people who live there – to envision what their own neighborhood would be like with the addition of trees bearing fruit, knitted together with other neighborhoods by pathways of apples, peaches, apricots and pears. Fruit trees planted to grow in front of houses, along sidewalks and overlooked urban spaces become an invitation for the public to explore and enjoy cities in a new way. Signage placed at each fruit tree explains that this is part of a network of sharing.

The California State Historic Park becomes a central landmark and a site for the ‘Monument to Sharing’ leading to Urban Fruit Trails that reach into neighborhoods around Downtown Los Angeles and out into the world.

COMMUNITY CALL TO ACTION — Fallen Fruit is fund-raising for expanding public fruit in public space. It is easy to change your neighborhood and transform public space. Everyone can participate!

The Endless Orchard is funded by the Muriel Pollia Foundation, Creative Capital, Good Works Foundation, Awesome Foundation and everyone of you  who supported our kickstarter

  endless-orchard-small-web*The Endless Orchard is for illustration purposes only an example of how to imagine a neighborhood experience. Please ask tree owners whenever possible. Never pick someone tree on private property without permission.