The Endless Orchard

Our cities can be like communal gardens. What if instead of going to the grocery store for an apple, you just walked outside your door? 

Join us! The ENDLESS ORCHARD  (beta) is a way that anyone anywhere can PLANT, MAP, AND SHARE FRUIT! The Endless Orchard is  a movement of citizens transforming their own neighborhoods. Fruit is a transcultural symbol of sharing and Citizens can plant fruit trees in front of their homes, community centers, schools, businesses, on the margins of public and private space and interstitial municipal spaces like parkways , bike paths and alleys.

The ENDLESS ORCHARD (endlessorchard.com) is free to use. Anyone, anywhere, can plant a fruit tree along their property’s publicly accessible margins and map it on the Endless Orchard. With each new tree, the orchard grows larger and is shared with more people. Participants can map accessible fruit trees that already exist in your neighborhood, or plant trees in collaboration with cities in public spaces and parks. 

The Endless Orchard web app is designed and developed in partnership with Code Rodeo. Significant Support for this Public Art Work is Provided by:

and Muriel Pollia Foundation
Additional Support for this Public Artwork Work is Provided by:
Good Works Foundation
Awesome Foundation
EVERYONE who supported our kickstarter

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Fallen Fruit is an art collaboration originally conceived in 2004 by David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young. Since 2013, David Burns and Austin Young have continued the collaborative work.


Fallen Fruit is an art project that began in …

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