Riverside Art Museum (RAM) is pleased to announce an exciting new Riverside Art Make public participatory project! RAM is bringing Los Angeles–based, internationally acclaimed art collaborative Fallen Fruit (David Allen Burns and Austin Young) back to Riverside! Fallen Fruit produces community-based projects that use fruit as a medium to explore social engagement. Last fall, Fallen Fruit went to the Eastside for the Riverside Art Make, where they presented their “Lemonade Stand.” In exchange for drawing a self-portrait onto a lemon, each participant received a glass of organic lemonade. See the community’s portraits by Fallen Fruit HERE:

On Saturday, February 21 from 12-3pm at Lincoln Park in Eastside, Fallen Fruit will work with RAM and residents to install Riverside’s first “Urban Fruit Trail.” Come help us plant and grow an Urban Fruit Trail!, our public artwork in Riverside! We will plant 12 trees in Lincoln Park and extend the trail throughout the neighborhood with your participation and help. If you (or your neighbor) has a sunny space along a sidewalk and where you can water regularly, contact us at Info@fallenfruit.org and help us create an Urban Fruit Trail. It is free to participate!

Becoming part of the Urban Fruit Trail is easy:

1. You have space along sidewalks and fences on private property – a home, local business or apartment building.
2. The space is sunny and is already being watered or can be watered regularly.
3. You agree to share the fruit tree with neighbors and passersby and be part of the Urban Fruit Trail.

Each recipient signs an agreement promising to care for the tree and share the fruit with others. If where you live has room for more than one fruit tree and you can care for them, let us know! If you don’t have space for a tree — come help us plant fruit trees in the Eastside neighborhood.

Please understand, that these are bare root fruit trees, and must be planted the same day of the event (If possible , we will help you). All of these fruit trees will become part of a network of Urban Fruit Trails and our upcoming public artwork with Creative Capital: Endless Orchard.

Riverside Art Make is supported by a grant from the James Irvine Foundation.



For more information on Urban Fruit Trails by Fallen Fruit: