Fallen Fruit expands the Endless Orchard to South Central L.A.

Fallen  Fruit Tree Adoption!  

Help us bring free fruit to you, and your neighbors! Collaborate with us! Come Help us plant!

Manual Arts High School

9-12 Saturday February 24th, 2018

4131 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles CA 90037

The Endless Orchard is coming to Manual Arts High School in South Central! Collaborate with us by adopting a fruit tree to share with neighbors!  Let’s make fresh fruit accessible to everyone! It’s free to participate.

You can apply to adopt a tree if:
• You have a home, business, or community center in South Central. Preference will be given to our neighbors who are near Manual Arts High School.
• The tree will be accessible to neighbors and passersby – placed in the front of your yard right next to the sidewalk.
• You agree to water and care for the tree for the first three years.
• You’re willing to share the bounty! Your tree will be part of the Endless Orchard map, which shares the locations of public fruit trees throughout the city.  


To apply for a tree, contact Bari at Manual Arts High School: [email protected]

Contact David and Austin at info @ fallenfruit.org with any questions or to learn more. 



Our city is filled with useless ornamental landscaping and more cement than grass. What if we replaced all these little shrubs with fruit trees?   What if instead of driving to a grocery store for a peach you just walked outside your door? The peach on the street has never been sprayed or dusted or fertilized. The peach from the store was sprayed, dusted, fertilized and has a round little sticker you can’t eat. It traveled 200 or 2,000 miles to meet you. Plant the city, share with your neighbors and change the texture (and flavor) of your neighborhood. You have nothing to lose buy your shrubs!

Plant fruit trees on the perimeter of your property, on the sidewalks, streets and back alleys! The fruit trees that are easiest to care for are semi-dwarfs (easy to pick). Those that require less water are figs, loquats, avocados, pomegranates and some citrus. Dig a hole twice as big as the roots and soak it before planting by filling it with water. After the water has drained, mix half of the dirty with 50% soil amendment. Plant fruit trees in the fall, winter or spring and be ready to care for them (water!!) for the first two years at least.

Give things away! The only real gifts are those without any expectation of return. Share fruit with all your neighbors, friends and strangers. Put signs up inviting people to sample. Change your neighborhood into an inhabited garden on the Endless Orchard. Share your fruit. Change the world!



Manual Arts High School
4131 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles CA 90037