Sweet & Sour!! June 4th!
Fallen Fruit present our Fermentation Station at Stoneview Nature Center!

Fallen Fruit Sodas — With your help, we will be creating custom flavored fruit syrup to make fermented sodas. These are all natural, low sugar and totally delicious. Everyone can participate, big kids, little kids, moms, dads, grandparents, neighbors, friends and more. Flavors will include raspberry, meyerlemon with basil, watermelon and more combinations we get to create together!
Everyone will get at least one bottle of soda to take home.

Fruit Pickles!! — We all love pickles — Summertime crunchy, yummy cucumber pickles. Cukes are a fruit!! But we can pickle more than that. Okra (is a a fruit!). Apples, Zucchini, Watermelon rinds, and more. Use your imagination and build your own pickle jar. We will make the brine and you will have delicious pickles to share with your family in friends within 1-2 days! They will keep in the fridge all summer and these pickles made perfectly, with love.

Stoneview Family Photos- Neighbor’s of Stoneview Nature Center: The artists need your help to complete the artwork for the park. They are looking for family photographs from the neighborhood from the 1950’s to present. [email protected] Photos will go into the community building or exist in an online archive of the Blair Hills neighborhood.

Public Chandeliers- Chandeliers are being created from spoons, and forks and butter knives, kitchen utensils, etc from family homes in the area. Bring stray utensils to be a part of the project!

*free to the public