Fallen Fruit and WonderRoot invite everyone to share  a story and art! Write , draw, photograph or paint!  Fallen Fruit will create a map marking the locations of each artist’s work. PUBLIC ATLAS will be on view Sunday, October 20th  in Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown in Atlanta  where participants from all over the city can collect images and stories at specific sites throughout the neighborhood to create their own artbook: PUBLIC ATLAS- by Everyone who participates.

The PUBLIC ATLAS is in association with the exhibition Fallen Fruit of Atlanta, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, October 19th-December 14th, 2013. Follow the link for the more information about the opening of Fallen Fruit of Atlanta and Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.


Works will be small 4”x5” in area size and may include; drawing, painting, text, photography, performance scripts, meditations, etc. Email us a pdf or jpg of your art.   If you are inspired to participate in a way that is within the context of the PUBLIC ATLAS but not able to exist on a small page, email us and we will figure it out.

RSVP to by October 10.  You will have an additional 5 days to create your piece for the project.

 Fallen Fruit and WonderRoot Public Atlas project

Fallen Fruit and WonderRoot Public Atlas project


Sunday October 20th from 3-5pm, the streets of Reynoldstown and Cabbagetown will become the sites where everyone can collect stories and compile their own Atlas.[1] Depending on the route you take and the connections you make, the pages in your Atlas will be unique and create your own personal field guide for future explorations.