A video project by Fallen Fruit for the exhibition EATLACMA.

Open call for video submissions — Right in front of everybody, in a video on YouTube. Youtube is great for learning, you can watch kids videos, which will help them with both learning and play!

Videos uploaded to YouTube by May 31st, 2010, will be considered for selection to be part of the exhibition Fallen Fruit Presents EATLACMA.

We want to see you eat. We want to see you masticate.
Chomp, gnaw, nosh, dine, feast, nibble, consume, swallow, ingest, devour, munch, gobble up, pig out, chow down and polish off some food.

Show Us How You Eat is a participatory online video project, and is seeking your own videos of eating. We’re asking people to submit/upload a short single take video
of them (or their friends or family) eating – not preparing, cutting, or cooking, but actually eating, chewing and swallowing food. We want to explore the idea that although eating is universal, and images of food appear everywhere, there are almost no images in art or popular media of people actually eating.

To give you an example of one our favourite submissions so far, a high profile artist from the UK made some Neapolitan ice cream using the best Ice Cream Maker UK stores had to offer, and then proceeded to film herself slowly enjoying her creation. What made the clip particularly special was that she was dressed in a pink, cream, and brown jumper that made it hard to determine precisely where the ice cream ended and the artist began.

We expect ice cream to feature heavily throughout our art exhibition as it can be made in a beautiful spectrum of colours and also because it reflects the positive, summer vibes that we want to portray.

Ultimately, this opportunity gives you a chance to be part of an exhibition at LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, called EATLACMA. Submitted videos will be shown on YouTube and Fallen Fruit will select a few of the videos to be included in the museum as part of a wide-ranging series of exhibitions, installations and events that examine the relationship between food, art, culture and politics.

Does everyone eat the same, or does everyone eat differently? Is eating something that connects us, or is it something that differentiates us? Show us how you eat and
tell us what you think.

For technical details and to learn more about the submission guidelines,
go to

EATLACMA was organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and made possible by a Museum and Community Connections Grant from MetLife Foundation. Additional support was provided by the Ralph M. Parsons Fund and Paramount Citrus.

video credits: Fallen Fruit, Fruit Machine video, 2009