Join us on August 17th for “SALSA SALSA – A celebration of Love Apples,” hosted by Farmlab. An afternoon event to encourage community-based conversations about public space, art actions, and the neighborhoods we live in. Home made salsas and music and dancing will embellish this free event! 
This event is also a thank you to the artists, art and community organizers without whom Love Apples would have failed. These include: Dorit Cypis (Foreign Exchanges), Jenna Didier of Materials & Applications, Jon Lapointe & Otoño Luján of Side Street Projects, Jay Belloli from the Armory, and Zazu Faure & the others in the Glassell Park group of gardeners. In particular we’d like to thank Al Nodal and the Department of Cultural Affairs, including Joe Smoke, Pat Gomez, Nicole Gordillo, and Felicia Filer. They are all invited to come and speak informally on their perspectives on public art in LA today. Please come celebrate and meet some amazing artists and civic leaders on the frontlines of public art and community activism. August 17th from 3 to 7 p.m.