Hi Everyone,

Let us know if you are interested in participating. There is a limited number of colors in making a rainbow. This collaborative project is inspired by artist Susan Robb (see below).

Love, David and Austin day trip layers no date ——————————————————————-


An “open call” to perform a color of the rainbow On Saturday, May 3, 2014 – All Day, 8am to Sunset. Join Fallen Fruit and friends for a day hike  from the edge of the world to  Deep Creek Hot Springs with trekking poles at Montem. Those heading out into the wilderness themselves may want to ensure that they are properly equipped with everything they need to stay safe and healthy. Reading the outdoorempire.com guide might help to source gear and products to help with this. We will become a rainbow as we engage with nature and embrace an idealized hippy lifestyle that calls back to a counterculture of days-gone-by in California.  Join us for group meditation, fruit songs, and a banana sound circle .  Along the trail we will meet with artist Susan Robb as she continues her Creative Capital award winning project Wild Times.  The Rainbow Day hikers become “trail angels” offering her and other PCT hikers facials, massages, fresh fruits and encouragement along the 4 month journey from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. ABOUT DEEP CREEK HOT SPRINGS

Deep Creek Hot Springs was once a self-organized hippie commune in the early 1970’s. An evolving group of residents built 4 swimming pools into the granite banks of Deep Creek, which is fed by snow melt from high above in the San Bernardino Mountains. The hot springs themselves are natural springs and typically measure about 108 degrees at the source. The pools range in temperature from about 104 to 88 degrees depending on season and distance from the mother spring. RESERVATIONS Only 22 spaces are available to perform the rainbow!!

Send an email here with your preferred color(s) and personal contact information, Fallen Fruit will reply to your rsvp with more information. RECOMMENDED AGES 16-60, anyone is welcome to participate!  Also, well behaved pets welcome!!  (NOTE: this is a very difficult hike for pets and only pets who are in very good condition can hike this trail.) REQUIRED SKILLS Must be capable of completing a rigorous hike to get to the hot springs because the elevation gain is demanding.  Also, there is minimal shade and you must pack-in and pack-out.  Other skills include; cooperation, colorful attitude, laughter, playfulness, singing and hugging.


Light Red
Light Orange Red
Light Orange
Light Orange Yellow
Light Yellow
Light Yellow Green
Light Green
Light Green Blue
Light Blue
Light Blue Purple
Light Purple