Fruit Machine, video, variable configuration, 2009 – ongoing

Fruit Machine is an ongoing project of ours in which we videotape teenagers (age 12 to 17) eating a variety of fruits. From apples to oranges, to bananas and pears. It is a study in how we actually eat fruit, the portraits range from graceful to awkward and comical, as the teenagers navigate what they quickly come to realize is a not-so-simple task. Eating gracefully is not something that comes naturally and in some cases is impossible without the use of plates and utensils. The teenagers have shown a lot of fun and creativity in the photographs, some even thought to bite the peel rather than pick at it!

The presentation of this project of course was heavily inspired by slot machines (like those a trusted slot agent malaysia has to offer would know plenty about) or fruit machines as they’re often called because of their penchant to use fruit symbols. Three matching fruits in a horizontal row means a payout for the lucky player to get them. Slot machines are found everywhere in our lives, from the corner of the local pub to online sites such as mega888, featuring vivid colours and bright lights, which you will find in the composition of our photographs.

The videos are screened in configurations of 3 to 5 in a row in order to resemble a slot machine (whose windows often use fruit as symbols). Each video portrait runs for about 30 seconds then spins to another, in hopes that all the windows will align to the same fruit: the jackpot!