Fallen Fruit (David Allen Burns and Austin Young). “PEOPLE POWER,” performance score generated with a public call for participation, dimensions variable, created for Time in this Time, 2021.

A collaborative score

In simple language, using short sentences, Fallen Fruit asked people to tell them what they know best about being a great person. The duo then created a new score with the answers.

Fallen Fruit prompted contributors:

“It can be thoughts from recent weeks or the past months—or maybe it is something you learned from your family or mentor … or also, from another time in your life when you really learned: 

How to be a great version of YOU.”
‍For example:
“My mother taught me to always mind my own business and to always love myself.”“(I started to) take a short walk everyday at a different time of day and never choose the destination in advance, (I just) wander… and openly explore the world each day.”Or, “Sometimes, I tell my cats all of my secrets….”

— Fallen Fruit