Upcoming Summer Participatory Events In Los Angeles! The HUB is the central site of LA Water Public Art Biennial, 2016   see the official event calendar.

3306 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Water-wise Public Planters: A RAINBOW OF FRUIT TREES : July 16 – August 17

Propagation Station : August 13th  10am- 12pm 

Lemonade Stand :  August 13th 11am- 1pm

Lemonade Stand is a public participatory project where in exchange for a glass of lemonade the public is asked to draw their portrait onto a lemon using a black marker.


Propagation Station : August 13th  11am- 1pm 

a public participatory project that anyone can perform by propagating a drought tolerant fruit bearing plant that can be added to The Endless Orchard and shared with everyone. Bring cuttings of your back yard fruit to share and plant them around LA!   …Dragon Fruit, Tunas, Fig, Pomegranate, Pineapple!  This years favorite fruit is Dragonfruit- a succulent fruit and superfood native to Mexico – but also a plant that grows easily in Southern California.  Anyone can propagate, share, and adopt a cutting they will take home and root and then transplant and map on the Endless Orchard.  cuttings are decorated with paint and inks to illustrate a “spirit animal” or “messages” to invoke goodwill and citizenship in the City of Los Angeles.  There is no money exchanged- just knowledge sharing and fruit tree sharing.

 BYOF: Do you have a fruit tree in your yard or in your neighborhood that you **LOVE**??
We  want to help you share the love.
Bring a young branch from the fruit tree or plant that is 2’-3’ feet long with all of the smaller branches and leave still attached.
NOTE: Make sure that you do not cut from a tree that currently have fruit ripening (this will not work)

dragon fruit

fallen fruit

Water-wise Public Planters: A RAINBOW OF FRUIT TREES : August 13th 10am – 12pm
by Fallen Fruit is an ongoing installation on view at the HUB.

The Endless Orchard is an on-going installation of fruit trees in (the margins of) public space and is designed to provide communities with an urban experience that can be cared for, cultivated and shared by the public. ‘Urban Fruit Trails’ have been planted in Los Angeles, New York City, Omaha,  Portland and more. The goal is to connect neighborhoods with fruit bearing trees and create walking trails from public transportation to local landmarks. The public fruit trees are planted on the margins of public space, along sidewalks, alleys and parkways where the fruit can be shared with everyone.IMG_0300 copy

Presented by Dyson and Womack at the HUB – with  the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs Public Art Division, CURRENT:LA Water Public Art Biennial uses contemporary art as a platform for the exchange of ideas around critical issues our city faces together.