Byskovvej 28, 2730 Herlev, Danmark

InstantHERLEV institute

Director and artist Anja Franke.

InstantHERLEV institute is an international space for urban landscape, architecture and artistic research, development and project in a Copenhagen suburb. The project and exhibition shows in dialog between the mental and the physical private and public urban space in the neighbourhood of Herlev.

Cited by Malene Vest Hansen:
The IH institute examines and challenges familiar interpretations of spatial organization. The unwonted placement and arrangement of contemporary artworks cantered in and around the plot of Anja Franke´s private home raises a series of questions concerning private and public space, and the placement and role of art project in these spaces.

InstantHERLEV institute temporarily introduces a new distinction to this suburban district, supplying a new angle on the familiar surroundings. This type of residential district is such a widespread phenomenon in Danish suburbs, that it can be difficult to see it. When visitors arrive to view an art exhibition, it suddenly becomes possible to see the neighbourhood in a new light. IH institute demonstrates – far more clearly than the artist and the curators involved could have imagined – that it dose not take much for the neighbourhood to reveal the other vice implicit rules and regulations which normatively control private life here. Who lives here is not only determined by resident’s financial status. There is a consensus on how people should be, certain rules on how to live.

There are no tangible borders between public and private space; they are historic-cultural constructions. The definitions are intimately related to our notions of human conditions and the kind of political society we desire. In others words IH institute denotes the organization of urban spaces as an ideology and art as spatial politics.

Summer 2009 InstantHERLEV institute will show a new exhibition including artists and architects from Los Angeles, Mexico and Denmark. The exhibition is a meeting between international artists in a local context in Herlev. All artists will do site-specific art project reflecting on everyday life and global circumstances with focus on climate, society and consumption, and how this phenomenon influence architecture, culture, land, owner ship, and environment in the private and the public space. In summer 2004 the first exhibition was shown: instantHERLEV-project for a Copenhagen suburb.

The participating artists are :

Giamoco Castagnola, Tjiuana, Mexico.
Fallen Fruit, Matias Viegner, David Burns and Austin Young, Los Angeles, USA
Didier Hess ved Jenna Dider and Oliver Hess, Los Angeles, USA
Jens Haaning, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Gillion Grantsaan, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Camilla Berner, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Kristina Ask, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Anja Franke, Herlev, Denmark.

The tart yellow plums of Herlev make excellent jam!

the pathways between streets in the neighborhood are flanked in plums and berries…