4-8 pm Saturday Dec. 14th
Fresh Fruit Cake with Fancy Boyz, DJ H-Bomb spins Fruit Songs, Fallen Fruit serves fruit infused vodkas from our Neig

A pop up art installation and retail store with The Hammer Museum’s project, Arts Restore LA

10920 Kinross Ave, 90024
Nov. 1st through December 24th
Thursday-Saturday 11am-8pm; Sundays 11am-5pm

Sunday Dec. 15th Noon to 4pm
Fallen Fruit Factory with Susan Weber
FALLEN FRUIT FACTORY a public participatory project by Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young).  see the Hammer Blog Post

IMG_0511 fallen fruit factory small

The Fallen Fruit Factory is a public participatory art project that allows the public to collaborate with Fallen Fruit and contemporary artists to create fast-art pieces. The Factory is co-hosted by a contemporary artist and Fallen Fruit and creates an immersive art experience where the public can participate in making works of art. In exchange for working on Factory art projects, the public gets Fruit Dollars redeemable for Fallen Fruit or Factory art at the Fruitique! or online at the Fallen Fruit store. Projects are always group-authored, meaning there isn’t one person who creates each individual work. Often the works are inspired both by the guest artist and Fallen Fruit, but it is the stranger or passerby who sets the color, tone, or unique dimensionality of each piece. No two works of art will be the same!

Join Fallen Fruit at 10920 Kinross Avenue this Sunday, December 15 from 12–4PM for another Fallen Fruit Factory!

fruitique- daniel flores
Thursday, Friday,Saturdays through Nov. 23rd.
4-8pm join us for Happy Hour!  at FRUITIQUE!
Saturday Nov. 16 and 23,  Noon to 4pm
10920 Kinross Blvd, 90024

In exchange for a cold glass of lemonade, participants will be asked to create self-portraits using black ink markers on lemons and to share stories of sadness and disappointment, or happiness and positive self-reflection.

Lemonade Stand = Fun

lemon head- self portrait
Sunday, Nov. 17th  noon to 4pm
10920 Kinross Ave, 90024
Become a collaborator in creating our project for The Hammer Museum. WE ARE TRANSMORPHING your unwanted or found OBJECTS INTO MAGICAL ART OBJECTS through a process called THE FALLEN FRUIT FACTORY.


All original fruit themed artworks are for sale at low prices. Any Fruitique! purchase enters you to win a Hurom Slow Juicer!   Courtesy of  Hurom/Roland Inc. Come visit! Here’s a map to  see all the Arts REstore vendors.