Fruit tree care 101
Tree care. It’s important. Knowing which professional you should hire for Roanoke tree services. Being able to look out for signs of disease. Learning how to feed your trees properly. These are all important and we discuss them all in today’s article.

People often move into houses or areas with fully grown trees already in their garden. Trees can take up to 40 years to reach a decent size so if you have a big tree on your property, it’s more than likely it’s 100+ years old! However, just because they’ve been around for a long time doesn’t mean they don’t need caring for. It’s vital to keep caring for the trees, checking for diseases and getting someone like Mr Tree Service to trim them to keep them healthy. Without this level of attention, the could end up dying or damaging your property.

Trees, especially big ones, can easily be damaged in a storm, they can get diseased, and they can have dead branches on them. Sometimes if you have a number of trees in a small area, you need to get tree service removal san diego to remove a few of the diseased or dying trees to help improve the health of the group. This way, more nutrients are available for them in the soil.

With all this being said, not many people know how to care for trees, especially fruit trees. This is why we’re trying to improve people’s knowledge so they know what to do if their trees begin to look unhealthy.

Want to learn the basics of how to keep your fruit trees happy, healthy and producing delicious fruit? Join us for a weekend intensive on fruit tree care at Stoneview Nature Center from 11:00 – 2:00(?) on Saturday and Sunday June 17 & 18.

On Saturday you will learn:
– How to read your tree
– How to feed your tree (when to apply fertilizers and what fertilizers to apply)
– How to optimize fruit production

On Sunday you will learn:
– The specifics of citrus tree care
– The specifics of avocado tree care

Come to one or both workshops!

Snacks and water provided.