The Largest Collaborative Zine ever made! Thank you for participating and/or enjoying it!  #fallenfruit #vamfamilies


here is Part 1:


Thanks everyone for participating and making the largest ever collaborative zine with us along with V&A Families team. We had so much fun with you! We will upload a link soon– where the magazine can be purchased as a hard bound book.  Sign up for our email list below and we’ll update you when it’s available and check out our exclusive V&A merch in the V&A Store.


Austin and David


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Fallen Fruit Magazine:  V&A Edition brings together public participation, local histories and story-telling. Using strategies of collage this temporary team of culture advocates use fruit as a symbol, object and/or subject to create original editorial content to produce a site-specific limited edition contemporary culture magazine. Each edition is unique and is editorially focused to topics and subject matter that is historically meaningful to a neighborhood and/ or region. For the ‘Victoria and Albert Edition,’ we collaborated with the Families Programme at the V&A in South Kensington, during the spring and summer of 2019 in London on The Imagination Station.

V&A Families programme:  The V&A Families programme nurtures imagination, creativity and intergenerational play, developing innovative partnerships with practitioners to deliver thought-provoking and multi-sensory activities that foster a life-long love of learning.  #vamfamilies

Austin Young and David Burns, Collectively know as Fallen Fruit are included in the exhibition:   FOOD BIGGER THAN THE PLATE 

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FOOD BIGGER THAN THE PLATE  was curated by Catherine Flood and May Rosenthal Sloan  The exhibition invited visitors to participate, taste and debate, this bold exhibition explores current experiments at every stage of the food system – from compost to table.  #plateup


You can take part in Fallen Fruit’s collective mapping and planting experience, the Endless Orchard, which explores the meaning of community through creating and sharing fruit trees:“Plant a fruit tree near your home. Share your fruit!”.