FALLEN FRUIT performs FRUIT COCKTAILS to celebrate the opening of  Beth Rudin DeWoody’s private art space, ‘The Bunker’ in West Palm Beach, Saturday, December 2, 2017.

The new Wallpaper Pattern for West Palm Beach commissioned by Beth Rudin DeWoody for her new private art space, The Bunker.

FRUIT COCKTAILS is a project by Fallen Fruit, David Burns and Austin Young, in which we select fruit we discover in a neighborhood, or on a certain block or street, infuse it in vodka or tequila,.   What FRUIT COCKTAILS  ask to participants  is tinged with a bit of irony: can you capture the essence of a place in a bottle?  Regardless of the answer, we hope that by capturing the character of this neighborhood’s best qualities we remind everyone that celebrating the local and and the values of protecting the environment around us.

The bottles of fruit infused  FRUIT COCKTAILS may be presented in gallery exhibitions, museums and at special events.  They are considered a work of art that happens to be consumable. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds amazing, and if we weren’t already involved, we’d love to get in on the action ourselves. Of course, this could attract a diverse audience, so much so, that the younger people around us could be asking themselves, “where can I get a fake ID” to ensure they can try these beautiful concoctions too. We definitely wouldn’t want to be excluded from trying these different fruit cocktails. The Artists of Fallen Fruit will not serve them, nor will a bartender.  They are to be served by a specially outfitted “tour guides” and while the artists will make efforts to be at all presentations, the tour guides may serve them without us. Just as in a gallery tour, the they will discuss the work, about the experiences of place and be charged with answering questions about it. Our recent infusions have been West Palm Beach Coconut Vodka and Mango Sunset Tequila. 
Guests who are single get a garnish of one Maraschino Cherry. A Pineapple garnish will go to guests are not available or ‘coupled’
Fallen Fruit Cocktails at The Bunker, West Palm Beach
Coconut Infused Vodka
Mango Infused Tequila
Drag Queen tour guides
Ariel Rimm-Chanel, Rianna Petrone, Kataleya Davenport Dupree and Melissa St. John.
 6 or 8 oz disposable colored cocktail glass
Fill with ice cubes
1.5 oz of fruit cocktail infusion
Top with carbonated water
Maraschino cherry garnish for guests who are single or ‘single for the night’
Pineapple garnish for guests are not available or ‘coupled’

Cocktails are prepared on trays in disposable colored cocktail glasses. For each cocktail 1.5 ounces of tequila or vodka poured over ice 50/50 with unflavored carbonated water (not club soda). Trays of cocktails are offered to guests by tour guides. Tour guides are more like seasonal hosts at a resort.