Made possible through grant funding from the California Arts Council, The City of San Bernardino Fine Arts Commission, and SoCalGas.

“Fallen Fruit San Bernardino!” will include a series of events in different regions of the county. Our first public participatory event will be at the San Bernardino County Museum on March 10th. Celebrate the “Festival of Life in the Cracks” day by adopting a fruit tree, drawing a self portrait on an orange, or taking part in our collective zine project!

The Endless Orchard is coming to San Bernardino!
Collaborate with us by adopting a fruit tree to share with neighbors!

You can apply to adopt a tree if:
• You have a home, business, or community center in San Bernardino. Preference will be given to our neighbors in the Inland Empire basin.
• The tree will be accessible to neighbors and passersby – placed in the front of your yard right next to the sidewalk.
• You agree to water and care for the tree for the first three years.
• You’re willing to share the bounty! Your tree will be part of the Endless Orchard map, which shares the locations of public fruit trees throughout the city.

Contact David and Austin at info @ with any questions or to learn more.

Shown above is Fallen Fruit’s “Lemonade Stand.”  Fallen Fruit San Bernardino, will feature a new iteration, “Orange You Glad You Didn’t Say Banana?”  

In exchange for drawing a self-portrait onto a hand-picked orange from the orchard on the property, each participant receives a glass of organic orange juice (also picked from the historic orchards). Collectively the orange self- portraits create a group portrait of everyone who joins us! Hand-drawn expressions illustrate joy and innocence as well as wisdom and age. During the project we will take portraits of participants along with their self-portraits and record stories about neighborhood and families of San Bernardino on the theme of … “Orange you glad…”

Fallen Fruit was originally conceived by David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young. Since 2013, David and Austin have continued the collaborative work.