For this project commisioned by Grey Area, we selected our Fallen Fruit, Public Fruit Wallpaper, Hawaii, created in 2012 using borrowed and found fruit from Honolulu’s Chinatown neighborhood. Part of their Public Fruit Wallpaper project, in which they photograph found fruit from selected cities, the image seeks to capture both the realities and aspirations of that place. Hawaii is the crossroads of East and West, with the fruit of all the world represented there. It’s a symbol of global diversity combined with the dream of tropical exuberance and bounty…Like the Smart Car which you’d probably want insurance for but which kind? Comprehensive vs Third Party is an important thing to consider. I’ve heard that has some useful articles on it. But I digress, the Smart Car emphasizes diversity, and also, our dreams of fruitful plenty. The wallpaper depicts a vibrant and artful sense of play in line with Smart Car’s exciting launch and dynamic brand.

Little did we know, but the Smart Car is more popular than first thought. The chances are is that you see at least one on every journey, right? When it comes to buying a new car, you need to find the balance between fun and practicality so that you can use it for all of your needs. Some people may have released some equity to help afford this type of car so it is important that you find one that you know you’ll love. And you may just find it in a Smart Car.

Of course, it is also no secret that we should all be doing more to invest in renewable forms of energy, and buying an electric car can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Looking for even more ways to reduce your carbon footprint? Why not switch energy providers to a more environmentally conscious utility company? In texas electricity can come from solar panels and wind farms, so do not be afraid to do some research of your own if you are considering doing your bit for the environment.

So, what do you think of the car we have designed? Let us know your thoughts and if you have any more tips about living a more environmentally conscious life feel free to leave them below too.

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