We have two recent pieces (Neighborhood Infusions and Double Standard) in a new group exhibition:

Emergence Enchanted
Curated by
Stephanie Allespach and Krista Chael

Lita Albuquerque, Stephanie Allespach, Naomi Buckley, Krista Chael, Cloud Eye Control, Ben Dean, Fallen Fruit, Anne Hars, Micol Hebron, Parichard Holm & Ryan Zufryden, Daniel Marlos, Miwa Matreyek, Molly Millar, Tricia Lawless Murray, Anna Oxygen, Nora Jean Petersen, Nancy Popp, Semiconductor, Elizabeth Tremante

Emergence Enchanted takes place February 1 – February 28, 2009
Coinciding with the TED Conference.
Opening reception February 6th, 6pm-10pm
Open times during TED, Feb. 3rd-5th 10pm-8pm, 6th 10-10pm & 7th-8th 10-8pm. Pedestrian Viewing 24/7, Galleries open by appointment.