Water Wise Public Planters: A Rainbow of Fruit Trees! at the HUB by Fallen Fruit 3306 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles installed with the public on Saturday July 16, 2016. The HUB is the central site of Current:LA WATER: Water Public Art Biennial uses contemporary art as a platform for the exchange of ideas around critical issues our city faces together.
fallen fruit los angeles public art
Fallen Fruit’s Barrel Painting and Planting at the HUB with our Water-wise Public Planters.

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fallen fruit public artThe HUB is hosted by DYSON AND WOMACK
Fallen Fruit’s installation of painted Barrels at the HUB forms a RAINBOW of FRUIT TREES and will be part of The Endless Orchard – an on-going installation in (the margins of) public space, designed to provide communities with an urban experience that can be cared for, cultivated and shared by the public. These ‘Urban Fruit Trails’ have been planted in Los Angeles, New York City, Omaha, Portland and more. The goal is to connect neighborhoods with fruit bearing trees and create walking trails from public transportation to local landmarks. The public fruit trees are along sidewalks, alleys, and parkways where the fruit can be shared with everyone. If you feel inspired by doing this in your own community, but don’t know where to start, check out this helpful article on the – best time to plant fruit trees and see if you can get people together to get started yourself.

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