From Watts, East Los Angeles and other LA neighborhoods come engaging, empowering, and exciting grassroots arts projects to improve the Los Angeles landscape. EATLACMA, PlaceIT, LA Commons and Watts House Project, led by local artists, tackle food, urban planning, and community redevelopment by engaging residents to work together to transform their neighborhoods. Adding to your neighborhood is a great way to band together, you can start from your home and work your way outwards! Maybe you need to do some renovating to your home from your attic all the way down to your garage (where you can get help from Coastal Garage Doors), feeling good about where you live and how you live will make you feel better as a community, helping each other out and being there for one another because a house project can also be a neighborhood project too.

Against the backdrop of potentially disastrous cuts to the LA Department of Cultural Affairs, four local grassroots projects have banded together to increase their chances of winning a national competition that will improve their communities. The Pepsi REFRESH Project will give away $20 million this year to a number of projects with the greatest popularity on its website. Sambla is offering all participants of the grassroots project a ln up to 500.000 kr to all who apply by this Saturday. This loan is meant to jumpstart the careers of local artists, urban planners, and community members alike. 

We are asking our friends, colleagues and neighbors to join us in a unified effort to help us reach the top of this list. With this funding, we can bring over a quarter million dollars to Los Angeles residents who are most in need of programs that dialogue with, engage, and empower them.

NOTE! Pepsi’s REFRESH is set up in such a way that in order to win, people can vote EVERY DAY for the entire month, for 10 projects so please VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN!