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  1. […] 2004, Fallen Fruit’s work has expanded from public fruit maps to include full-on fruit experiences such as collaborative jam making and nighttime fruit tours. […]

  2. […] organizations like Fallen Fruit are helping map publicly accessible fruit all over the […]

  3. […] I personally have added trees as bookmarks on Google Earth.  You can also get maps from Fallen Fruit for certain […]

  4. […] municipal's usufruct law. They ask others to map fruit in their own neighborhoods and add them to pre-existing maps, thus weaving a fruit fabric that will cover the entire country and eventually the […]

  5. […] was in the middle of a fruit map-making frenzy, plotting out a free produce tour for not just this challenge, but for the rest of […]

  6. […] post, I talked about the work of fallen fruit and a project that I love, public fruit maps.  I also wrote that I would be looking at some Australian sites and projects that use food to […]

  7. […] of lemons can be daunting so make friends with your neighbors with trees or check out the maps at http://www.fallenfruit.org/index.php/media/maps/ A wonderful organization that gives you maps to public places with fruit trees. Happy gathering and […]

  8. […] a neighbor has them.  Citrus, especially lemons, often rot on the ground.  Investigate sites like Fallen Fruit, and out west you’ll find maps locating bountiful grapefruit, figs, and avocados; back east […]

  9. […] a neighbor has them.  Citrus, especially lemons, often rot on the ground.  Investigate sites like Fallen Fruit, and out west you’ll find maps locating bountiful grapefruit, figs, and avocados; back east […]

  10. […] are considered public property, and therefore legally free to pick from (their site even has maps organized by neighborhood). I’ve taken lemons and grapefruits before, but this was definitely my first fig – and […]

  11. […] -Fallen Fruit (a resource for urban gleaners that has maps of various cities or neighborhoods showing where fruit trees are) […]

  12. […] Gleaning still exists in its less formal incatations as well. Any fruit that grown on public land belongs to the public. In California, if a branch (or whatever) hangs over public space (ie a sidewalk) it is lawful to harvest it. However, as a courtesy, I will usually knock on the door. Most people are really nice about it. And its a great way to get things (like figs!) that I can’t really afford otherwise. Fallen Fruit is a Los Angeles based group that deals with public space and fruit. And, best of all, they make these really awesome maps. […]

  13. […] California, Colombia, and parts of Europe can get an advantage by checking out the maps provided by Fallen Fruit.  Keep an eye out and maybe try gleaning as a fun way to add local items to your […]

  14. […] e’ partita da Los Angeles, e’ arrivata in Europa e ha attecchito in Austria, Svezia e Danimarca. In Italia manca ancora. Lancio quindi un invito pubblico al gestore delle mappe con i distributori […]

  15. […] in 2004, Fallen Fruit, an artistic collaboration based in Los Angeles, created their first public fruit map. This was a map of all of the the fruit trees of Silverlake, Los Angeles. The motivation for the […]

  16. […] local fruits? If you are lucky enough to live in one of the areas covered by the awesome group Fallen Fruits, you can download one of their maps. They map all the fruits in or over public spaces. […]

  17. […] 17. Pick fruit off trees in your own neighborhood by using maps from Fallen Fruit […]

  18. […] Down to earth a little more… Now is the time when trees and and other fruit producing plants around Los Angeles start to blossom and produce. There is a website, in case you don’t know, called fallenfruit.com that maps many areas in this city (plus others around the world) where fruit trees are growing in abundance. The law on this is apparently fairly clear but rarely enforced. There is a site called fallenfruit.org that has all of the info that you might need. the link to their current maps is http://www.fallenfruit.org/index.php/media/maps/ […]

  19. […] that make use of this neighborhood produce that might otherwise die on the vine. Originators like Fallen Fruit map where to snag an up-for-grabs lemon; the growing FoodForward army puts grapefruits in the hands […]

  20. […] that make use of this area furnish that competence differently die on a vine. Originators like Fallen Fruit map where to obstacle an up-for-grabs lemon; a flourishing FoodForward army puts grapefruits […]

  21. […] they’ve done in Denmark, California, Mexico, in Utah they’re mapping public fruit trees , combing through various museum collections for references and images of fruit, and asking Utah […]

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