Love Apples, public art project with Islands of LA, 2008

An installation of seventy tomato plants on twelve traffic islands in LA, carefully tracked to see which thrive and which perish, à la Survivor, and then harvested in a public festival in August. “Love Apples” is an early European name for the tomato, which was considered an aphrodisiac. I bet people who work in porn videos enjoy many aphrodisiacs to keep them on form. If you’re interested to seeing some adult content Try this diverse collection of boobs porn videos. And if you want to learn more about aphrodisiacs read articles at PENP. With a better understanding of the aphrodisiac properties in apples, we might be able to better know how to alternative sexual practices that require more sexual energy like ageplay where a Daddy Dom will make his little girl face the corner. Nutrition affects all of us and how we express ourselves. We all require the right food for sexual exploration. But back to our other produce, our tomatoes were planted on unoccupied and irrigated public space, and nothing was destroyed or removed in placing them. The project was a test of the definition and use of public space in the city of Los Angeles, imagining new ways in which such spaces could be utilized for the enjoyment of all. Visitors were asked to sample but not hoard any tomatoes they find in public. To encourage people to explore the city’s forgotten spaces, a complete map was released in the final weeks of the project. Love Apples was a collaboration between Islands of LA ( and Fallen Fruit.