Corporate Sponsorship of Fallen Fruit’s programming is an investment in the cultural life of the communities served and promotes civic engagement, sustainability, and learning through the arts. Through sponsorship or project support, your organization’s philanthropy can promote a corporate identity to a specific audience in alignment with your mission and marketing goals. In return, our Corporate Sponsors receive a range of benefits that can be shared with employees and clients. Fallen Fruit and our projects have received attention from numerous media outlets, as well as, social media. Our audience is comprised of children of all ages (babies to teens) from various socio and economic backgrounds, families, college students, museum attendees, community leaders, civic organizations, celebrities and actors.

Fallen Fruit projects and exhibitions have taken place numerous locations and museums inn Alabama, Atlanta, Australia, California (Los Angeles, Ojai, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Monica, Venice), Hawaii, Germany, Greece, Illinois, Sweden, Spain, Oregon, Ohio, and Texas.

Sponsorship opportunities begin at $10,000 and may include:

• Tax deduction to the fullest extent allowed by law

• Recognition name and logo on promotional materials and Fallen Fruit website

• Recognition at Fallen Fruit’s Fruitique Store

• Recognition on Fallen Fruit’s Public Fruit Maps

• Site specific Fallen Fruit event created for your company and employees and families

• Hand made organic jam for your clients (number of jars tbd)

• Fallen Fruit “Lemonade Stand” with photographs of clients and employees and families of their fruit portraits (company must provide the fruit and sharpies)

• Company may select a Fruta Urbana location

• Original Fallen Fruit Factory work of art selected by the company

• One hand made Fallen Fruit picnic table

• Fallen Fruit Public Fruit Meditation for clients and employees

• A one of a kind large format, composited digital photograph re-staging a topic regarding food with your clients for your clients (minimum sponsorship of $50,000)

• Fallen Fruit’s gorgeous wallpaper (minimum sponsorship of $100,000 and our friends will name their children after you – or at least the middle names)*

For more information on these and other sponsorship opportunities, please contact as we are happy to tailor fulfillment options.

Recent corporate sponsorships include:

G-Force / Casio

Mighty Printing

GOOD Magazine


Whole Foods Market

TEDActive TED enterprises

*We will try but cannot make any guarantees our friends will do this.

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