Rainbow Day Trip: Deep Creek Hot Springs 2014

Rainbow Day Trip: Deep Creek Hot Springs 2014
Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young)
Performed by David Burns, Sue-Na G., Stephanie Kern, Emily Lacy, Husam Salman, Sarah Shewey, Faith Purvey, and Austin Young.

We chose a color to embody for the day. We thought about each color and what that color means in the world. We thought about flavors, histories and songs. We constructed characters based upon our individual research and imagination.

The evening before, we fine tuned our characters collectively. We told each other stories and made embellishments to our color characters. We used feathers and spray paint and worked out the details of each performance. We did not reveal our color performances to the group until the next day. At the trailhead, we geared up and embarked on our experimental day trip to perform all of the colors of the rainbow. Rainbows don’t last forever and they are fragile and temporal (like our group). We became a visual spectrum of color and spanned an arc within a landscape we couldn’t capture except by photographs.

The Rainbow Day Trip was a mind-body experience that constructed a narrative created by individual experiences that was group authored. Some colors were meditations. One of the colors was a series of declarations about each participant. There was a color completely in song. One of the colors was silent. We realized that colors are many things.

Another Rainbow Day Trip again soon.


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