Lemonade Stand! Riverside, CA October 18th

Lemonade Stand!

Commissioned by Riverside Art Museum for Riverside Art Make – Riverside Art Museum

Saturday, October 18th  11am to 3pm

Join us At Cesar Chevez Community Center
2060 University Ave., Riverside, Ca

see other Lemonade Stand photos here

lemonade stand - Fallen FruitWe are interested in temporary community and new forms of public. In exchange for drawing a self-portrait onto a lemon, each participant receives a glass of organic lemonade. Collectively, the lemon self-portraits create a new form of public that illustrate some of the archetypes that construct community. Hand-drawn expressions illustrate joy and innocence as well as wisdom and age. A microphone installed at the stand records real-time story telling. Story telling prompts such as: Describe the “best” day in your life? Or the opposite: In life sometimes there are days of profound difficulty and how did this moment change the way you see yourself? The Lemonade Stand activates the phrase… “when life gives you lemons…”


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